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GetintheLoop is a digital community that delivers consumers more ways to discover, explore and shop locally.

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Our Platform Is Used to Amplify the Voices of Local Businesses

Businesses are able to provide real-time mobile offers across restaurants, retail, events and things to do. We’ve been referred to as “having Main Street in your pocket”. We don’t just give our members an easy way to shop locally; we also take the difficulty out of digital advertising for our business partners. Our platform is used to amplify the voices of local businesses. Local business is the root of each community, which is why we remain inspired by and committed to giving local businesses a bigger voice.

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Our Origin

Founders Story

GetintheLoop was initially launched as a simple and creative text message platform to help golf courses fill their unsold tee times. Soon after launching, our founder, Matt started to receive inquiries from golf courses in other cities and other types of businesses in Kelowna asking if GetintheLoop could expand into their markets.

As GetintheLoop added new categories like restaurants, spas, retail, and started to launch in new markets, it attracted the attention of Canada's major media companies and investors. Inspired by the potential of creating a franchise ownership model around GetintheLoop's software, Matt posted a few online classifieds and sold the first 8 franchises within just a few months becoming the first SaaS franchise model in the world.

How We’ve Grown

We connect local businesses to millions of engaged consumers each week, quickly becoming Canada's fastest-growing franchise. With over 135 local entrepreneurs representing GetintheLoop, our platform is a leading communications tool for small businesses across North America to reach, engage, and acquire local customers while truly being a grassroots local business in each community we serve.

Multi-location brands have also embraced GetintheLoop’s technology using GetintheLoop as a modern way to distribute offers, across hundreds of locations, straight to the phones of local consumers, which are getting harder to reach with the erosion of traditional local media.
Since 2013, GetintheLoop has built mobile and location-based technology to connect local shoppers with local businesses and retail brands. Today, GetintheLoop has launched in every Canadian province and is trusted by over 5,000 businesses, both big and small, making GetintheLoop the leading local offers platform in Canada. 

We Empower Each Other

GetintheLoop strives to create a culture that empowers our team to have fun and think creatively. No idea is a bad idea! Our team is filled with experts, from all across the country who have mastered many different areas of our business. Without them, we wouldn’t have the amazing success stories that we share today.

We are passionate about our small business partners and local owners. We believe that collaboration and innovation are powerful tools to help them make their dreams a reality.

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We Love What We Do

GetintheLoop provides an inclusive and positive work environment that allows everyone to grow and continue learning. I love how no day is the same, and my time is filled with so many different things and people. The wolfpack is truly an amazing team to be part of where all contributions are valued. I really feel included and like I have invested a little piece of myself into our success.
Jenell, Local Support
When I started at GetintheLoop over two years ago, I had no idea the skills or the great relationships I would develop. Day in and day out, everyone has such a positive approach to pushing this company to the next level. We are all in this together and take on a "wolfpack" type of mentality. Being able to help locals support their local small businesses in recovering from the pandemic really gives you a sense of pride and accomplishment as well.
Josh, Revenue Growth
It's amazing to see our foundation grow stronger every day. This means being part of a team where problems are not simply overcome together but seen as an opportunity to build stronger processes and long-term success. As a builder, it is especially important that we all enjoy working with the technology and code we left behind the day, month or year before. I love that my past team thought of us today.
Lukas, VP Engineering
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