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Meet GetintheLoop For Enterprise!

Your All-In-One Marketing Solution

Drive foot traffic, collect customer insights, power social feeds with AI, and engage stakeholders to advertise all through one, easy-to-use, digital platform.

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How GetintheLoop Works

GetintheLoop is a digital shop-local community that makes it easier for our members to explore businesses, discover offers, redeem rewards, and support local all from their phone! We provide shopping centres, tourism groups and business associations with an affordable, personalized program. Our easy-to-use, intuitive marketing tools let your stakeholders and partners cover all angles of their digital marketing strategy without being or needing a marketing expert.
Halifax shopping centre on the GetintheLoop app

Enterprise Benefits

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A Full-Service Team of Experts

• GetintheLoop’s team of marketing experts take control of managing    the program right from the beginning, ensuring your success
• We work side by side with your members to acquire full participation
• Businessess receive continuous one-on-one support at a local and        national level
• GetintheLoop works to achieve a goal of a minimum 60% business    participation within the first 8 weeks
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Endless Ways to Engage and Drive Traffic

• Deploy custom campaigns to help engage locals through in-app
   contests, scavenger hunts, in-location hidden offers, and seasonal
   holiday campaigns
• With built-in punch card offers, give customers a digital solution to
   coupons and loyalty programs
• With GetintheLoop punch cards, retailers/stakeholders can keep    customers returning by driving repeat purchases
• In addition to your partners, the range of tools and offer types let you
   build customer loyalty with your association itself, even when
   partners leave and new ones join

The Power of Smart AI

• Save time and effortlessly power your social media feed directly with relevant content from your retailers, stakeholders and tenants
• Access our AI-powered suite of tools that spotlight your property/ association and your stakeholders to our local audience through email, push notifications and more
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Custom Loop and Website Integration

• A custom loop (category) is created within the app dedicated your
   shopping centre/ business association. It highlights all of your    partners, all in one place!
• Our platform can seamlessly integrate into your website, which    creates another channel to get your partner’s offers in front of    customers
• This integration automatically updates content and therefore    improves your search engine optimization and the value of your web    presence
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Easily Reach New Customers

• GetintheLoop creates a community where partners can easily reach    an active, local audience that enjoys connecting with their friends,    family, and businesses online
• Members engage with local offers in real-time through our app, push
   notifications, email, our website, social media, and our integrated
   audience network
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Customer Data, Metrics, and Insights

• Our Business Dashboard is user-friendly and helps your partners    understand what marketing strategies are working, and who is    engaging to maximize long-term results
• The platform grants access to real-time analytics and quarterly    reviews with customer and business insights to validate and track    success of the program
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Words From Our Current Partners

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“When our guests install the GetintheLoop app on their devices, they will essentially have their local mall in their pockets. Retail operations and consumer habits are rapidly evolving, and we want to support our retailer partners in this evolution, extending beyond the physical space of our centres. Partnering with GetintheLoop allows us to enhance the
guest experience, giving them a direct line on new arrivals, local promotions, sales and much more.”

Halifax shopping centre logo
“GetintheLoop has allowed us to expand our service to our customers by offering the most up-to-date promotions straight to their phones and offering rewards for shopping. GetintheLoop has also allowed us to further support our retail partners by driving increased
traffic to our center and pushing out exclusive sales information.”
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You Have Questions and We Have Answers

Get in touch

How much time do I need to spend on GetintheLoop?

As little as 15 minutes per month! However, the more time you’re able to put into it, the more you will get out of it. Our Local Owners are here to help with your onboarding, talking about your goals, and making offer suggestions. Depending on your plan type, we can manage offers for you, or you can login to your Business Dashboard to quickly make adjustments.

What sort of results can I expect?

Typically, our business partners fall into one of three categories: awareness, loyalty, or actions. Depending on your specific goals and existing marketing channels, your Local Owner or Partner Success Specialist will work with you to determine the best mobile market strategy for your business.
Partners focused on awareness will have the maximum amount of offers live at all times, with regular rotation. Loyalty partners will utilize our Digital Punch Card and retention-based offers, and action-oriented partners will provide higher value offers.

What is an offer? Do I need to provide a deep discount?

An “offer” is any marketing message you’d like to get across to local people! We have a variety of offer types: Exclusive, Reach+, Limited Quantity, and Punch Card. Different offer types have different requirements. For example, a Reach+ offer can be anything you want, and are usually used for awareness-focused businesses. A Limited Quantity offer might include a discount or value-add, and an Exclusive offer is specific to GetintheLoop members. Punch Cards are used to retain current customers.

What is the cost for a national “multi-location” brand to join GetintheLoop?

GetintheLoop offers customized and bulk pricing for multi-location brands. The investment is customized depending on how many locations you would like to join the program.