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Getintheloop Local Offers An Exciting Opportunity

GetintheLoop Local offers an exciting opportunity to be your own boss by operating your own turnkey mobile marketing franchise. Support local businesses by giving them the marketing tools they need to succeed.

Built for Local Businesses

The GetintheLoop Local platform connects small businesses to our shop local community through our mobile app, push notifications, mobile website, e-mail, social media and partner networks.

Our platform makes it easy for businesses to attract and retain locals, tourists, and consumers across North America. Each local business pays a sustainable monthly marketing fee to attract and retain new customers.

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Local Owner Benefits

Affordable Investment

Potential to earn initial franchise investment back in months, not years.

Give Back

Give back to your community and feel good about the work you do every day.

Use Equipment You Have

To operate a local franchise, you need a phone, computer or tablet, and the ability to visit customers.

Covered Training

We provide full training and support for virtually every aspect of your new franchise.

No Prerequisites

No technical or marketing knowledge needed. Back-end and technical support provided.

Flexible Environment

Work from anywhere! No lease or real estate costs are necessary for your franchise.

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Success Stories From These Amazing Entrepreneurs

It has been rewarding working with local business owners every day. The passion and desire of each local entrepreneur motivates the creativity behind each offer I publish as it promotes and showcases the uniqueness of Hamilton and the surrounding communities.  In addition, the support has been phenomenal from our Head Office.  I had no idea the extent of their support at the onset of joining the team and I am so grateful for their guidance!  Furthermore, I have been living a healthier, more fulfilling lifestyle ever since joining GetintheLoop!
Michael DeLong, Local Owner (Hamilton, ON)
One of the main reasons we decided to launch a Getintheloop franchise was the amount of support that we knew we would receive from the Getintheloop headquarters. What we did not expect was the connection to local owners across Canada. Having a community of like minded entrepreneurs that you can learn from, lean on and brainstorm with has been invaluable. We were drawn to Getintheloop because it gave us an opportunity to make a difference on a local level but with the power of a national brand. Getintheloop gave me the opportunity to combine my love for technology, local business and my community.
Kristen LeClair, Local Owner (Cowichan, BC)
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Let Us Answer a Few Questions

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How much does it cost to get started?

Most owners are able to start their franchise for under 25k, however, depending on the market size being purchased and your personal start-up costs, this initial cost could increase.

How much does a GetintheLoop Franchise make?

Profitability depends on many factors, including chosen operating costs and your ability to operate your business effectively. Our revenue model is a 70/30 split, or 50/50 with the use of central services. 70% is local owner share. Local owners are compensated 15% on national accounts booked by HQ but that run in your market as well.

What does a day in the life look like for a Local Owner?

GetintheLoop Owners are advocates for local businesses in communities across Canada. As a GetintheLoop Owner, you will be partnering with local businesses providing value through your expertise in digital media and access to the GetintheLoop for business.
The GetintheLoop platform connects your business community to a mobile app, mobile website, e-mail, and social media to attract and retain consumers across North America.
Your role as an Owner will be split across three core functions:
Sales - Connect with business owners to discuss how our mobile marketing platform can help them achieve their goals.
Service - Work with business owners to create unique offers, events and experiences to get the most out of the GetintheLoop platform.
Marketing - Attend networking and community events, host promotions at local businesses and use social media to engage and connect with your community to create value for your partners and to grow your local app audience.

Could this be my side hustle?

No. We recommend working a full weekly schedule during business hours for the success of your business. You have the freedom and flexibility to build and control your own schedule.

Will I get support or training?

Our team provides personalized virtual training, an extensive online resource centre and dedicated ongoing support to ensure GetintheLoop franchisees are set up to succeed in all three areas of your business; sales, service and marketing.

What does the application process look like?

Submit an inquiry and we will be in touch for an introductory call. After that first meeting, we will go through 2-3 more discovery calls to determine if this franchise is the right fit for you and your market specifics.

How do I launch a market when I don’t have members or partners? It seems chicken vs egg.

Yes, a problem we solved early on. First, we reinvest at least 25% (typically a 3rd actually) of the franchise fee you pay to kick start building your audience. Meanwhile, our founding partners get the benefit of being involved in a launch promotion where we reinvest their initial subscription fees into gift cards from their businesses for giveaways in our app. We use a number of other tactics to engage and grow our audience but this solves the chicken and egg dilemma.
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